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Looking For Corporate Parental Leave Policy Development & Administration?

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Are You a Small to Mid Sized Company Looking for Boutique and Customized Parental Leave Policy Development or Benefits Administration?

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Does your company have employees in the State of California?


If so, you probably already know those employees are entitled to California's protected leave and wage replacement programs, regardless if your company's HQ is in California or not.


Having worked with almost 1,000 expectant women we have seen a policy or two - or several hundred and we know what works. We know what benefits expectant employees really appreciate, what companies across all sectors are doing for parental leave benefits and the true cost to employers offering these benefits. Many corporate clients who have worked with us to develop customized and transparent parental leave policies or have serve as their leave and benefits administrator are surprised how many benefits they can offer to their employees in a cost effective and easy to apply approach.


Parental leave policies are not just about ensuring you're documenting your parental leave program and benefits, but making it transparent as to be sure both employees and employers can actually utilize the policy uniformly.


If you are a company that doesn't have a policy in place already, don't let the complexities of California maternity leave prevent you from implementing one that can make leave administration simpler and pain-free for both you and your employee. We set up policies from scratch as well as provide strategic guidance and a full cost benefit analysis on how to provide more competitive benefits in line with what others in your industry are offering.


We are committed to working with companies who are looking to implement transparent and progressive parental leave policies - even if you're not sure where to start! 


We specialize in creating in parental leave policies and benefits administration for small to mid sized businesses (<100 employees) in the following sectors:

  • Wealth Management
  • Technology Startups
  • Movie and Film
  • Creative Agencies
  • Consulting Firms¬†