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Finally, a simple way to maximize your

Maternity Leave

Want to Learn More About Maximizing Your Maternity Leave? 


Hi, I'm Diane

and I'll be Your Guide!

As a licensed engineer turned strategic benefits expert, I have helped hundreds of women maximize their maternity leaves & get more pay and time off than they thought was possible. I do all of this so women can get more priceless time off to bond with their babies! I believe understanding and fully utilizing your State and employer parental leave benefits shouldn't be frustrating, or require a finance or law degree to secure every day and dollar you are entitled to.

I have already engineered a simpler way, let me show you!

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Maximizing Your Paid Maternity Leave Benefits Can Be Easy!

Let Me Get You The Most Paid Time Off To Bond With Your Baby, Simply



Employed and looking for all the information in one place to make sure you maximize your paid maternity time off? With everything from a self paced course with live office hours to a "done fo you" service, we've got you covered! 


Business Owners

Do you own a business taxed as an S-Corp and looking for a  "done for you" maternity leave planning and paperwork service? Let us take the strategic planning and paperwork off your busy business owner plate and get you the benefits you're already paying for! 


Corporate Policies

Are you an employer who is looking to offer your employees paid parental leave benefits, all while making sure it makes financial business sense? Let us help you craft a corporate policy with a cost benefit focus to help you retain top talent and provide competitive benefits in your employment sector.


See What Women Are Saying About Working With us!

Sarah Y.

"Before consulting with Diane, I spent some time online and I gained a decent understanding of the basics of CA maternity leave. However, I had a feeling that there were some holes in the explanations and they were usually a bit confusing and jumbled. I knew that I could maximize my wages and time off somehow and I decided to figure this out with Diane. Thank goodness I did! For some background, I work at a small employment law firm but there is really no structure and I was asked to come up with my own plan for approval. This meant that I could really maximize my benefits! After meeting with Diane, I had a solid understanding of the laws under which I could take the time off, and she helped me figure out a way to get paid during my entire lengthy time off, including the unpaid 4 weeks during PFL! It was essential because she helped tailored the plan as it applies to the type of work I do and my unique circumstances. Amazing - what a valuable session. Thank you so much, Diane!"

Sarah C.

"Diane is so knowledgeable and passionate about all things CA maternity leave. Each module she presented was extremely detailed and straight to the point. I did have some knowledge about protected and paid leave prior to joining the group, and Diane really helped piece it all together to come up with a robust plan for me to take action with. She gave helpful suggestions on really how to maximize both my time off and wage replacement. Trying to navigate and plan against a leave without her help would have been extremely challenging, and it helped take one MAJOR worry off of my pregnancy plate!"