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Interested in All-Inclusive Support to Maximize Your Unique Maternity Leave Benefits?

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We provide individualized and all-inclusive strategic consulting on a wide range of employee maternity leave scenarios.

When you work with one of our consultants we make sure you get full transparency on any and all benefits your employer may offer as well as how to maximize any and all State and Private benefit programs you have access to.

If you are employed at a company and live in California, even if your company is located outside of the State or even the US, you are entitled to maternity leaveĀ benefits. We have worked with over 1,000 women to date helping them to strategically leverage every time off and paid benefit available to them and maximize their paid time off to bond with their new babies.

We are absolutely passionate about making sure you have access to transparent and easy to understand information about your maternity leave benefits!Ā 


Our consultants have experience & expertise working with individuals who are:

  • Business Owners (LLC & S/C Corps)
  • Engineers or VPs atĀ Tech Companies or Start Ups
  • High-Level Executives
  • Managers with Staff
  • Doctors & Medical Professionals
  • Attorneys & Law Professionals
  • Hourly Employees & Individuals With Multiple Employers
  • Actors & Industry Unions
  • Government & Municipal Employees
  • Independent Contractors & Self-Employed Women (1099)
  • Women In-Between Employment or Laid Off Navigating State Benefits
  • IndividualsĀ Navigating Discrimination Claims & Settlements + Maintaining Benefits (consulting on benefits only)
  • Business Owners Looking to Create Inclusive Family Leave Policies

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