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Own a Business & Going on Maternity Leave?

We are here to help.

Interested in Strategically Maximizing Available State Benefits as a Business Owner?

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Are you an expectant California business owner wondering if you have access to benefits for your upcoming maternity leave?


Many of our business owner clients come to us after spending some time researching their maternity leave options only to want someone to just show them, simply, how to qualify for & maximize all tax free maternity leave benefits.


Almost all of the clients we work with are surprised to find out, yes, they have access to many State and private benefit programs already. Their next questions generally are about maximizing the income as much as possible and "what about taxes?" Having guided and supported legions of business owners through the intricacies of eligibility, calculating, strategic planning, filing, rejections, appeals and everything in-between to receive State & Private maternity leave benefits you have a trusted guide who has "been there, done that" with us. 


Don't let the complexities of maternity leave prevent you from accessing all the paid time off you have access to. At our maternity leave benefits consulting firm, we specialize in guiding pregnant women who own their businesses and are taxed as S-Corps to navigate the intricate landscape of state benefits. You may be pleasantly surprised by the tax free maternity leave benefits you're entitled to but may not yet know about.


Let us do all of the heavy lifting to get you the strategically maximized benefits, ensuring you can embrace the precious moments of motherhood without compromising your business.

We are here to get you the most out of your maternity leave benefits so you can focus on spending more time at home with your newest little.


We specialize in & have a deep bench of expertise working with many business owners like you:

  • S-Corp Business Owners 
  • Solo-preneurs
  • Doctors & Medical Professionals 
  • Owners Running Small & Medium Sized Businesses (<100 Employees)
  • Business Owners Receiving Contract W2 Income
  • Freelance Creatives
  • Real Estate Professionals & Developers
  • Consultants

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