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Welcome to California Maternity Leave Consulting


California Maternity Leave Consulting is a boutique parental leave consulting firm, where we are dedicated to bringing transparency and ease to all of State and Employer parental leave benefit programs. We are founded on the belief that every employee should have access to, and understand how to maximize their parental leave benefits - all without needing a finance or law degree.

We offer personalized maternity leave planning services that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client - both employees and employers. We work closely with our clients to create customized maternity leave plans and policies.

Our services include comprehensive maternity leave planning, including guidance on leave policies, benefit eligibility, navigating + maximizing insurance policies and focusing on the financial side of maternity leave benefit application. 

We are experienced strategic planning professionals who have helped over 1,000 clients successfully navigate the maternity leave process, State benefits and employer policies. Additionally, we have been brought in house by companies looking to create inclusive and transparent parental leave policies for their employees.

We are committed to providing our clients with the tools and resources they really need to make the most of this precious and priceless time in their lives.

Since 2021 we have served all employees and employers from all sectors of employment - from large corporations like Disney, Amazon, Tesla and The Honest Company to public agency employees, doctors, business owners, technology companies, start-ups & non-profits. 

Diane Gatza, P.E. Founder + CEO of California Maternity Leave Consulting


I am a California licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and a home birth mom of two, & the CEO and Founder of California Maternity Leave Consulting. As a problem solving engineer at heart, I established California Maternity Leave Consulting after navigating two maternity leaves and experienced firsthand the lack of support, inability to find easy to understand information and realizing it was up to me to figure out how this whole maternity leave thing "works."

With my passion for consciously empowering women and my pragmatic approach to simplifying complex benefit topics, California Maternity Leave Consulting has become the go-to resource for women in California seeking to simply understand and maximize their parental leave benefits. 

Since inception in 2021, California Maternity Leave Consulting has now helped over 500 women through its online program, The Maximized Maternity Leave 101, private 1:1 consulting, live workshops and employer policy development work.

In addition to my strategic planning expertise, I draw on my unique life experiences, including being a Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer survivor, to provide my clients with a more progressive, real-world & an "I totally get it!" approach to health insurance, disability leaves, and employer benefit packages.

We are passionate about ensuring women have meaningful resources before, during and after the transition to motherhood, and especially enthusiastic about the strategic planning side of maternity leave finances.


Breaking down complex topics into bite-sized, easy to understand  and actionable pieces is at the core of our work.


Putting together a maternity leave plan where you get all the paid time off you are entitled to should be simple & step-wise. It shouldn't require a law degree, the hours of a part time job to figure out or giving up on benefits because there is no one to help you.


We are here to help.