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5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Going On Maternity Leave

Don't wait until you get back to the office to find out you left your entitled paid time off on the table!


5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid Before Going On Maternity Leave

Don't Leave Your Entitled Paid Time Off On The Table!


If you are an employee and want more time off and more money when you go out on maternity leave, I invite you to attend my 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Going on Maternity Leave Workshop!


You will get:

✔  The key differences between the alphabet soup of maternity leave programs and protections (& how they really work)! FMLA, PDL, CFRA, SDI, etc….

✔  A guide to decoding your employer benefits that look as confusing as a theoretical physics paper!

 ✔  REAL maternity leave examples and a list of the BEST questions to ask to get more paid leave! 

 ✔  FREE maternity leave checklist so you don't miss any critical filing dates and steps to getting your pay from the State + your employer! 

After working with over 1,000+ women get the absolute most paid time off when for their maternity leaves + getting hired by companies to develop inclusive maternity leave policies that help make maternity leave easy for their employees I’d like to share all my knowledge and tips in my FREE Webinar!

and I'll be Your Guide


I am a mom of 2 & a licensed engineer turned strategic & financial maternity leave planning maven. I have personally navigated and meticulously mapped out the murky waters of the California parental leave structure and helped over 1,000 women successfully do it too.

Having guided clients in all sectors like education, large corporations, state and local government, those represented by unions, small or "mom and pop" businesses, actors, retail employees, medical professionals, attorneys, and c-suite executives, I show you how to navigate different employer benefits and max out all every State program you're eligible for! 

Let me share everything I know so you can get more paid time off to bond with your new baby!